Last time I saw Mr Kink, we spent the afternoon in his bed. As per usual.

As soon as I turned up, he was kissing me and rubbing his hands over my body. I turned up wearing a dress, a red corset and thong and a butt plug. A red diamond butt-plug. They are called princess plugs. Very apt for me. When he felt up my dress and moved my thong to the side and realised I had that in, he made the sexiest sound I’ve ever heard, like a grunt and a moan but more animalistic.

Off came the dress so he could see the corset and he looked at me. Just looked, moaned and kissed me. I have never felt sexier. Of course we made it to the bed quickly…

It started with him going down on me, his signature move. Although this time, he had purpose down there. ‘I want you to squirt on me’ he whispered. Secretly, I was super excited and slightly terrified. He said I needed to wait until I felt the need to pee when my climax was coming and then push using my stomach muscles. Honestly felt a little like a personal trainer moment; a ‘you can do this’ kind of moment. So I closed my eyes and let him do his magic. He does lovely long strokes with his tongue which feel amazing.

All of a sudden, I felt the need to pee and so I pushed. And I squirted. It poured out, felt intense and like I was peeing at the same time. He lapped it up and my clit felt so sensitive. It was awesome. He found it so sexy, he did the sexiest groan. It felt intense and afterwards when he touched my pussy, it felt really good! I wanted to shout ‘YES!’ and punch the air; but it wasn’t the time or place.

Seeing how turned on he was made it even better, so much better than I jumped on top of him, straddled him and rode him hard. It was all about him from then on.

Now, with him, I love to squirt. I can really go for it too. He loves it. I love it. Wish he was mine.


I wonder what else he can teach me…


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