Mr Kink

It was the third date, we all know what that means. After lasting 10 minutes at a local bar without ripping each others clothes off, we went back to his.

I bought some toys with me and some lingerie to make it a good first impression. After putting on my lingerie and heels and heading back to his room, doing that awkward run in heels to make sure I didn’t bump into his flat-mate, and then we began.

Now, guys seem to love going down there, and I’m never going to complain, it always feels nice to have someone lick your pussy and get you all wet but usually I don’t cum. Guys have tried all kinds of stuff, saying the alphabet, tongue in and out, long licks, little laps and using their hands as well.

But this guy… well, I don’t know what he was doing down there, but it was amazing. Using his fingers inside and his tongue outside on my clit, and the best bit, he looked like he was enjoying it. Then he moved his way up, kissed me (I could taste myself) and slid his big cock inside me. He was big and hard and it felt good, pounding me. He was rubbing up against my clit, whilst sliding in and out of my wet pussy and I knew I was going to cum. And he let me explode on his dick.

Then he whipped me round (the up side of being tiny) onto all fours and grabbed the lube, and started to explore my ass hole. As well as playing with my clit, he stuck his fingers inside my ass, kissing me and licking me. Stroking himself and lubing himself up, he slid inside my ass. He is a lot bigger than the previous man I had in there, so he took it slow and I did a lot of deep breathing. Adding some more lube, he pulls out and back in again. Because he is big and I wasn’t used to it, it just wasn’t comfortable for me. So I climbed on top and rode his cock with my ass. It felt so good and so tight and I was able to play with my clit and the same time.

And then he came. In my ass. And I felt it shoot out of him. Hard. Afterwards, lying completely exhausted on his bed, in his arms, he looked at me and said ‘Have you ever squirted?’

Mr Kink is going to be good fun.


P.s. Tell me, can you squirt?


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