Third Date Rule

I met someone online, who was on my Tinder matches for a while before I noticed him.

He wasn’t my usual type, not a hench PT, covered in tattoos, or an arsehole. But he was cute, educated, had more interests, other than girls and drinking with the lads and quite frankly, I was liking what I was seeing.

So we went for a drink. I turned up and was greeted by a tall, dark and handsome man. We spoke for hours and I felt like we clicked. He agreed with me on things like relationships, monogamy, weddings (tricky first date talk) and had been travelling so we spoke about it for ages as I want to go. And best of all, we both are into kinky sex. Nothing vanilla, more exciting but monogamous.

He has a thing for anal and double penetration (that’s DP or DVP; Double Vaginal Penetration for those not in the know – which I wasn’t) and accepts that I like to be watched and like to try new things all the time. He would like to have a threesome, so he can double penetrate me with another man. Well hel-lo kind sir.

This guy is like a dream. When I was time to leave, we had a cheeky kiss outside the train station, a butterfly kind of kiss. On the way home, I was smiling to myself, hadn’t met anyone like him in a while.

Second date, went to a little cafe for a bite to eat near where he lived and then onto a nice bar. After this date, we went back to his. We got into his room and the words ran out. We were all of a sudden on top of each other, rolling around on the bed, grinding against each other. His hands were under my dress, mine were in his hair, pulling at it, mouths together, the perfect second date. I know he wanted it to go further, I did. But I have a strict three date rule.

We met up again a few days later, at the bar. We spent ten minutes at the bar, before I said, ‘shall we go back to yours.’

Well it was the third date… 😉

Do you have a date rule? How many dates do you like to go on before you ‘do the deed’? Tell me all about them in the comments!


One thought on “Third Date Rule

  1. Sounds like you had a damn good time there. Nothing wrong with having a smile put firmly on your face. Good to have a little adventure too, makes it all the more fun.
    I have no rules with time and how many dates. I can wait as long as it takes to feel right, or if the moment is right, go with the flow, and get down and dirty.
    Great story by the way 😀


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