After anal special

After the painful ‘dry penis in ass’ scenario with Sean, I jumped up (never moved so quick) turned around, smacked him in the chest and shouted ‘what the fuck are you doing?’

He laughed and said sorry, I thought i’d try my luck…



I shook my head, like a real smh moment, and got a condom and some lube out. I lay on my back, with my legs open and played with myself in front of him, whilst he fumbled to get the condom on really really quick.

Then he flipped me over, squeezed some lube on his dick and we resumed service.

And good lord, it was worth it. I hadn’t had anal sex, since I was about 16 and even then it was just to try it. It was incredibly old-school.

Anal always starts by feeling a little like you are going to the toilet backwards, which isn’t that pleasant, but once you get into it, it can feel quite amazing. As long as they lube to penis ratio is good, the position is right and you don’t need to go to the bathroom, it can actually be intense. Not only is your ass full, but it leaves your pussy open for all other kinds of play.

After pounding my ass for a while, Sean decided that he was going to play with my clit at the same time. He pulled me so that I was on my side, with legs together, (think sexy fetal position) and fucked me like that whilst playing with my pussy.

However, as great as it felt, I was never going to cum. There was too much to concentrate on and the rhythm was all off. I was more than happy for it to be all about him for the night. I got on my knees and fucked his dick with my ass, rocking back and forth, so I was doing all the work, getting faster and faster until he started pounding me and then released his load into my ass.

Something else the movies don’t tell you, something I feel very strongly about, a subject that may be worth its own post to tackle, is the after sex ritual. Specifically the after sex CUM situation. So in the movies, you have sex and then lovingly hold each other. In reality, he slides out and either his cum drips out of you (the best situation) or you make the ever-so-seductive run to the bathroom where you either sit on the toilet and wait for it to drip out (sexy) or stand with toilet paper in between your legs trying to squeeze it out.

I chose the latter. It was my first time having someone cum in my ass.
It was an odd feeling to say the least.



One thought on “After anal special

  1. I still remember by first time. Never thought I would would to stick my dick in a girls ass, but holy wow! Glad she asked me to now.
    As for the ass full and pussy available. Love it. dick in the ass, fingers in the pussy and other hand working the clit. Was also the first time I experienced a girl squirt.
    What a night! lol


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