Unexpected hole invasion

The first time you try something new sexually is always a risky business.

But after meeting Sean, it became quite clear that we were going to have anal sex.

Not only did he talk about it a lot, something I like, want to try with you, need etc, but he was most definitely a bum man.

After the car incident, I was under no illusions that when we went to whole way, it wouldn’t be your average sex.

I went round to his to ‘watch a film’ (old school netflix and chill) and we did the whole ‘pretend to watch the film’ thing and got round to the good stuff.

It’s probably around this time I should mention that we weren’t able to have ‘normal average’ sex without condoms for another 3 days due to contraceptive issues, however we were both tested and clean. (All of my partners are tested before having me without condoms – doesn’t happen often).

It always starts off the same way with someone new; a sensual kiss turns into a hungry kiss, I straddle him, running my hands down his chest pulling his top up over his head. He pulls my hair back so my neck is exposed before he kisses down and removes my top and fumbles around the bra strap.

As my boobs come out, he cups them before placing one in his mouth and sucking gently on my nipple. This always gets me going, something about seeing my boob in his mouth and watching his tongue circle my nipple, whilst we both grind down on each other hard.

At this point I’m all frisky so off comes the rest of the clothes, before he flips me on my back and goes to town on my pussy. Using his fingers at the same time, he sucks on my clit (Dear GOD) and gets me all wet before flipping me over onto all fours.

There I am, on all fours, legs spread and expected, when he sticks his fingers back inside me (not what I was expecting) before spreading my juice up to my ass. Naturally because of our previous dalliance, I was expecting his to slide his finger inside my ass as I know he likes. Oh how wrong was I!

Before I know where I am, he pushes my hips down towards the bed and enters me. In my ass. No Lube. No Condom. Dry.


wrong hole



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