Last time I saw Mr Kink, we spent the afternoon in his bed. As per usual. As soon as I turned up, he was kissing me and rubbing his hands over my body. I turned up wearing a dress, a red corset and thong and a butt plug. A red diamond butt-plug. They are called … More Squirtle…

Mr Kink part deux

Mr Kink is my new best friend. I spent the afternoon at his and we just had sex. It was brilliant. Note: Mr Kink is a gorgeous man, who I fancy the pants off, he is intelligent, gorgeous and kinky. However, he doesn’t want a relationship. ‘It’s not the right time’. Not he isn’t interested … More Mr Kink part deux

Mr Kink

It was the third date, we all know what that means. After lasting 10 minutes at a local bar without ripping each others clothes off, we went back to his. I bought some toys with me and some lingerie to make it a good first impression. After putting on my lingerie and heels and heading … More Mr Kink

Third Date Rule

I met someone online, who was on my Tinder matches for a while before I noticed him. He wasn’t my usual type, not a hench PT, covered in tattoos, or an arsehole. But he was cute, educated, had more interests, other than girls and drinking with the lads and quite frankly, I was liking what I … More Third Date Rule

After anal special

After the painful ‘dry penis in ass’ scenario with Sean, I jumped up (never moved so quick) turned around, smacked him in the chest and shouted ‘what the fuck are you doing?’ He laughed and said sorry, I thought i’d try my luck… I THOUGHT I’D TRY MY LUCK. IN MY ASS?! I shook my … More After anal special